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The Story

The pumpkin is a symbol of celebration to people around the world. The origin of the pumpkin can be traced to North American seeds dating back to 7000 BC. The word pumpkin comes from the word "pepon", which is Greek for "large melon" and later changed by American colonists to "pumpkin". Colonists would often slice off the pumpkin top, remove the seeds, and fill it with cream, honey, eggs and spices. They cooked the pumpkin in hot ashes until blackened then enjoyed its contents. Pumpkin Face Rum honors the spirit of this tradition by filling the bottle with the finest ultra premium rum in the world.

Continue the tradition and celebrate the pumpkin!
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The Rum

Pumpkin Face White - Beautiful, delicious, and naturally smooth.
Pumpkin Face Reserve - A blend of decades old hand selected aged Dominican rums.
Pumpkin Face 23 - Made in 1980, aged 23 years in Oak barrels, and rested for over another decade in Dominican Republic, this rum shows extraordinary elegance with complexity.

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Where to buy

CALIFORNIA - Itsko Imports Inc - 424-652-4400
COLORADO - Baltic Trade Corp - 303-668-9212
GEORGIA - Savannah Distributing - 912-233-1167
ILLINOIS - Midwest Wine & Spirits - 847-378-8600
IOWA - Alcoholic Beverage Division - 515-281-7421 (Monica Lundstrom, Purchasing Assistant)
MICHIGAN - General Wine & Liquor Company - 313-867-0521
NEVADA - Las Vegas Beer & Beverage Company - 775-338-3334
NEW HAMPSHIRE - Martignetti Companies of NH - 603-669-5884
OREGON - Oregon Liquor Control Commission - 503-872-5040 (Andrea Mooney, Special Orders Coordinator)
RHODE ISLAND - Rhode Island Distributors - 401-822-6400
SOUTH CAROLINA - Southern Wine & Spirits - 803-767-8613
TENNESSEE - CHATTANOOGA - Athens Distributing - 423-629-7311
TENNESSEE - KNOXVILLE - Knoxville Beverage Company - 865-637-9411
TENNESSEE - MEMPHIS - Athens Distributing - 901-774-8888
TENNESSEE - NASHVILLE - Athens Distributing - 615-254-0101
TEXAS - Global Quality Imports - 713-675-7773

CANADA - PURE Global Imports - 403-630-0602
GUAM - The Island King Imports - 671-646-1263

Here are the online ordering links to each Pumpkin Face for
Pumpkin Face White - Click Here
Pumpkin Face Reserve - Click Here
Pumpkin Face 23 - Click Here

For information about being a distributor please contact Pumkpin Face Rum at 9200 W. Olympic Blvd, Suite 106, Beverly Hills, CA 90212
424-652-4400 or

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